DartCalc is no longer in iOS development. It has been a great run but do to changes in the Apple APIs and a lack of time on my part I have pulled DartCalc from the store and am not actively maintaining it any longer. Many thanks to those who used the program and had such nice things to say about it. For those who upgraded to iOS 8 or higher I’m sorry the program no longer works. If you have an older iOS device it should function fine.

I realize that there is still a need for a good dart scoring app under both iOS and Android systems. It is possible DartCalc may return at some point but rather than drag people along hoping for an update in the near future I feel it is best to simply pull the program until I have time to properly update the code base to the new API standards.



DartCalc is an effort to fill a gap in the iPhone darts scoring offerings. There are a number of programs available for the iPhone that cater to various forms of darts but none that “do it all”. DartCalc aims to be that program. Instead of having an entire page of dart scoring applications on your iPhone why not have a single dart application that does everything you want it to, the way you want it to? That was our opinion anyway. You can buy DartCalc on the AppStore.


For support, please email agathezol@agasupport.com


DartCalc supports a number of popular dart games:



  • any number of players per game
  • auto-zooming dart board with adjustable zoom for easy throw entry
  • statistics for individual players over multiple games
  • e-mail the statistics off the iPod/iPhone for your own use
  • keep multiple games running at a time and restore to any of them at any time
  • undo throws if you make a mistake
  • help for each game, including full rules
  • ability to reorder or delete players during play
  • “out” and “score” shots are calculated with easy to read display
  • optional double-in, double-out, and bust penalties
  • multi-throw out table for double-out game
  • players are named and stored separately, so you can mix and match players between games and keep statistics for individual players
  • optional audio feedback for throws, busts, gotchas, misses, etc
  • teams (v2.0+)
  • replay button (v2.0+)
  • calculated out shots for all games with outs (v2.0+)
  • AI (computer players) (v2.0+)
  • iPad Native UI (v3.0+)


“I’m writing simply because I wanted to thank you for such an awesome app.  I’ve downloaded over 500 different apps for my iPhone over the last couple years, and only a tiny handful are trully worthwhile.  DartCalc is one of them.  When you say that it was created in an effort to fill in the gap, you couldn’t have come any closer.  This app is light years better than any other dart scoring application on the market.  The interface is brilliant, yet simple and works better than all of the competition.  And the fact that you can have a computer AI to challenge against means you’re always able to get some practice in.” –Yukio


“I just purchased DartCalc and love it.” –Steven R.

“Your program definitely looks like the best of the bunch when it comes to dart scorers…” –Rodney B.

“One of the few apps that can genuinely increase the utility of your iDevice. Instead of a chalkboard, I hang my iPad from the wall while playing darts. I’ve been using this app for a year now and every version keeps getting better. Well thought out interface, and great looking too!” –Dominic Graziani