Character Sheet


Character sheet is a simple way of handling attack and skill rolls in Pathfinder and D&D 3.5. It should work in almost any d20 game. Play tested in actual campaigns we found it to be a relatively simple way of tracking player stats as well as simplifying some of the math surrounding the games.

This fairly new offering is just getting public attention and we look forward to implementing your suggestions for future versions of the program.

What it is

Character sheet is a replacement for paper. Simple calculations are done (i.e. if you have 14 strength you get a +2 strength bonus and it affects attack/damage rolls). It will roll dice for you with a tap.

What it isn’t

It isn’t a replacement for PCGen or the like. It doesn’t level your character for you, it doesn’t have a list of feats to choose from and apply to your character. It doesn’t have every piece of armor, spells, monsters, etc in it. You will still need the book. You will still need to know how to level your character on your own. It isn’t designed to replace this.

Things it should be

It should have a way to have feats in it. Probably a separate table for spells and weapon combat. And definitely a way to handle armor. It will get some of these things.

Obtaining Character Sheet

You can obtain a copy of character sheet on the Apple app store or in iTunes.


If you run into problems with the program please open a trouble ticket.