I have been running a minecraft server for a number of years. The vanilla world was created when minecraft was in beta. It was reset when MC was released officially and ran up until recently. For the last few months I’ve been running tekkit and experimenting with various other worlds.

The general philosophy of the server is this: keep it fun. Since fun is subjective for the purposes of my servers it is defined as me enjoying the game as a player. With this in mind I will seldom be “op” inside the game. Occasionally it is necessary, but for the most part if you see Agathezol logged in, he’s a player like anyone else.

What do I find fun? I want the world to be challenging without being annoyingly difficult. If you have to spend all your time defending your home due to it constantly being destroyed that is not fun. At the same time if there is no point in building defenses of any kind that is also not fun. There should be a point to resource gathering, and some effort required to gather resources. There should be reasons to go exploring. And, hopefully, reasons for players to trade with each other. If there are enough things to do on the server nobody can do everything at once and many of these things become possible (I hope).


There is a feed-the-beast server running at minecraft.agasupport.com:25565 (default port). The world is basically a beta, but is working pretty well. Currently the world is running the direwolf20 modpack. You can obtain patches and modpacks here: Agathezol’s Files.

http://minecraft.agasupport.com:8124 is the dynmap for the server.


I’m running a mumble server on serenity.agasupport.com (default port). For the password just as in the FTB game and someone can provide it.


Every effort will be made to update the server in a timely manner after the Direwolf20 modpack update. Texturepacks and non-server based addons will be updated online as they are ready since these have little impact to the game.

I do not have any desire to reset the world. It is possible updates could get delayed or even that some mods simply cannot be updated to preserve the world. If this eventually becomes too much to deal with, or the updates/new mods are something people really want the world may be reset. In the event of a world reset the old world will be made available to any player who wants it.

Rules of the Server

The rules on the server are pretty simple:

  • Be respectful: it is a game, people have differing opinions, be cool with that
  • No griefing: know your audience for jokes and don’t be a dick
  • No stealing: if you see a house that isn’t an NPC village, ask before you take.

That’s it, no really, that’s it. Otherwise it is an open world. Explore, build, have fun. The people who play on my server tend to be cool, willing to help, and generally good folk. If the rules end up becoming a problem for someone I will lock the world down and make it invite only so those who have been here a long time can continue enjoying themselves.