Blackmire Teamspeak

Here are some simple instructions for how to install teamspeak.

  1. download the teamspeak client from and then install it
  2. launch teamspeak and click the Connections menu
  3. select ‘Connect’ from the Connections menu
  4. for server address fill in “
  5. In the nickname you can use anything you want but it is a good idea to use your ESO account name to make things simple.
  6. In the server password field fill the password from the guild tab inside ESO
  7. click ‘Connect’
  8. Once you have connected drag your name down into one of the Elder Scrolls Online rooms and say hi!

When using teamspeak it is best if you can use a push-to-talk button. You can enable this by:

  1. goto settings in the TS3 client
  2. select the options menu item
  3. select capture on the left hand side
  4. select ‘push-to-talk and set a key


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