Perpetual Paranoia

We live in a world of perpetual paranoia. Governments trade information about their citizens, companies trade control of markets, and individuals are left with nothing to trade but their souls. What will it take to get us out of this cycle?

We’d look to our leaders to help fix the problem but our leaders helped create the problems we face. Like a parent buying a child that shiny toy to stop them from throwing a fit our leaders create laws to shut us up. These laws tend to cause problems because like any tool, once it is in the shed you use it however you can. So, when our leaders passed laws allowing our protective agencies to trample the rights of terrorists so we would be protected they didn’t bother defining the term very well, in fact in many cases they didn’t bother restricting the rules to terrorists at all. This allowed various government agencies the ability to trample anyone’s rights in the name of ‘security’. To prevent them having to deal with cumbersome oversight we eliminated that and now here we are, in perpetual paranoia.

I’m writing this article in chrome, on windows 7. In know full well that my computer is likely compromised by at least hackers and more likely by people working for the government. I’m using windows because I enjoy playing games, I prefer to use Microsoft office and Visio to any free alternative software, and because Apple pissed me off, not that they’d be any better than windows.

I could use linux, hell I have linux installed on my computer, but I don’t use it. A typical linux user is more secure, but not secure. Most have never heard of aide/tripwire, fail2ban, or chkrootkit, most who have heard of them use them on servers, but not on desktops. I can’t blame them, I’d do the same. We are slaves to convenience. After struggling through work, home life, parties, Christmas, birthdays, fourth of July and the TSA to get from place to place we lack the energy for harder things, even if they are more right or better in some way.

So, what will it take to break the cycle? Effort, plain and simple. We can’t “write off” the things we learned this year and start new next year. If such a thing were possible every diet pill maker and personal trainer would be out of business. It will take hard work, sacrifice, and a willingness to change not only details of our lives but the way we perceive the world around us as well.

Good luck Terra Populi, you will need it.

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