Burning Fire

On Dec 29th, 2011 Jerry and I got together and played music. It had been months and months since we’ve done this. We didn’t structure anything, we just jumped between instruments and played. You can picture me singing, it is easy, imagine you are a twelve year old boy who just realized that the bumps on your classmates chests were breasts and one of the breast carriers is talking to you in the hallway about Mr. Whoever’s head rug. Now, quick, think of the witty thing it will take to get her to touch your hand. That’s me trying to come up with lyrics or anything resembling words on the spot.

On theĀ oppositeĀ end of the spectrum we have Jerry. Some sort of crazy wordsmith for whom the words flow effortlessly. At least, if not effortlessly his mind works so fast that you cannot tell he has to think about them. Here is one example. We didn’t retake anything, this is just what he did. The poor drumming is my vein attempt to beat on things, forgive me, I like a beat in things, even a bad one.

burning fire


lions lay low


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