Sandwiches and Decency

Today I got a sandwich at Worden’s. I like their sandwiches, great bread, and generally they are well made. When I got to the counter with my Pepsi and a cookie and my sandwich slip i got rung up at $2.89. I said “That can’t be right”. The gentlemen behind the counter was shocked that I’d bother to point out the mistake. Why? I got the sandwich. I was planning to eat it after all, why wouldn’t I pay for it?

The answer I fear is pretty clear. I could have gotten it for free. After all, it isn’t my fault the guy at the sandwich counter didn’t mark my sandwich on the little slip. I, as a normal person, should have taken advantage of that. Instead I said, no, I have a sandwich, turkey on wheat with seeds and olives. His response, “thank you for being so honest” saddens me. It shouldn’t be “so honest” to simply tell the truth and not intentionally rip off the corner grocery. It should be the normal thing to do.

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